Wagner PMC leader Prigozhin announces that 10 million Americans have applied to join the organization

Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) leader and founder Yevegeny Prigozhin stated that 10 million Americans have applied to join the organization and fight in Ukraine.

‚ÄúAfter the release of the Wagner PMC advertisement aimed at the American audience, we received more than 10 million applications from US citizens wishing to join the Wagner PMC to fight against NATO.”

Prigozhin continues, indicating he wont accept them all, but recruitment from US prisons may begin.

“We are currently looking at about a million American citizens for employment. Therefore, we temporarily suspended the recruitment of volunteers from Russian prisons, however, if there is a corresponding request from the US State Department, we will recruit from American ones.”

The advertisment that Prigozhin was talking about. Take a look yourself:

Obviously, this is untrue, but it’s interesting to note the bold attempt, which was probably made to impress the Russian audience at home because Russia is struggling to make any real progress as the one-year anniversary of the invasion approaches.

Additionally, ISW researchers based in the U.S. report that Russian forces are currently launching a significant offensive in the northern Donbass region.

According to ISW, “Russian forces have reclaimed the initiative in Ukraine and have started their next significant attack in Luhansk Oblast.”