Viral Video Shows Woman Taking A Dip In Freezing Water, Then Drinking Coffee To Fight Cold

At a time when many people around the world are suffering from the effects of harsh winters. A video of a Russian lady taking a plunge into a half-frozen, chilled lake in a place where the temperature is as low as minus 27 degrees Celsius is going viral.

The video was shared on Twitter by a handle named @TheBest_Viral with the caption “Coffee for the Cold.” The video shows a young lady wearing a black swimming costume taking a dip in very cold water in a lake that looks nearly frozen. She picks up a cup of coffee from the pond’s bank after exiting the water. After taking the sips, she shows the viewers the current temperature on her phone, which shows a mark of minus twenty-seven degrees Celsius. According to the footage, the video was shot somewhere near Russia’s capital city, Moscow.

The video has received over 1 million views on Twitter, with more than 9,000 likes. Many people are leaving interesting and creative remarks in the comments section.