Turkey Earthquake: Rescuers Save Children from the Rubble

A huge earthquake killed more than 3,600 people across a swathe of Turkey and northwest Syria on Monday, with freezing winter weather adding to the plight of the thousands left injured or homeless and hampering efforts to find survivors.

A series of aftershocks have reverberated throughout the day. The largest, a major quake that measured 7.5 in magnitude, hit in Turkey about nine hours after the initial quake, according to the USGS. That aftershock hit around 95 kilometers (59 miles) north of the original.

The death toll from a strong earthquake in south-eastern Turkey, near Syria’s border, could rise eight-fold, the World Health Organisation has warned.

Turkish authorities confirm 2,316 deaths, with another 1,293 reported in Syria, after powerful earthquakes bring thousands of buildings crashing down in both countries.

Shocking are the images that come from the efforts of the rescuers to free those who are under the ruins, among them many children.

A child has been saved from the rubble of a building that collapsed after the massive earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on Monday.

Search and rescue operations continue after the two major tremors and multiple aftershocks across a broad region in southern Turkey and northern Syria. All the responsible authorities have warned they are likely to find more victims.