The 7 Best Ways to Quit Drinking 

Have you decided to temporarily or permanently give up drinking? The advice that will help you will be found right here!

To quit drinking, set goals
Instead of saying “I’ll never drink again,” it might be easier to set a goal of one month, then two, then six, then a year. You will catch each target easier than the last, although it will be difficult at first.

If you need motivation, reward yourself in some way every time you reach your goal – if, e.g. you’re saving a lot of money now that you’re not drinking, buy that expensive pair of shoes you’ve been dreaming of!

To quit drinking, plan your fun
If your social life usually involves alcohol, then for the first few days plan your social outings so that they do not involve alcohol.

It can be difficult – even going to the cinema can involve a drink before or after – but try to keep busy in the first few weeks. If you are bored and have nothing to do, then you may be hit by a strong desire to drink and for the first time do not go anywhere where you know there will be alcohol.

To quit drinking, if you have to go out, be the driver
This will solidify your decision not to drink and you’ll be able to make a quick exit if your friends start shooting! And of course you’ll be able to turn them back safely if they’ve been drinking. Finally, being the sober driver yourself gives your group another incentive to support your endeavour.

To quit alcohol, if you crave a beer, drink it!
You can find many alcohol-free beers on the market – try them and find which one you like. If you’re going to a guest house or have a gathering at yours, bring your beers so you don’t feel like you’re not participating by not drinking.

Extra tip: The colder the beer, the more any strange taste is “camouflaged”!

To quit drinking, be prepared to talk about it
Usually when you tell people you don’t drink, they’ll ask you questions. In general, people are surprisingly supportive and tell you about the times they tried to quit themselves. You may be asked why you are making this decision, so if your reasons are personal, have an answer ready.

To quit drinking, adopt new dating habits
If you used to go out with your girlfriends for drinks, start going out for coffee more often now. And if when you used to go on a date, with a couple of drinks you could more easily overcome the initial embarrassment, remember that now you will have full awareness and control of what is happening and being said and you will certainly not be in danger of ending up in bed with someone without 100% wanting it and without to use a condom.

To quit alcohol, think of all the good things that will come of it
You will not suffer, neither physically nor psychologically, from hangovers and you will feel much better about yourself. You will be healthier and more energetic and you will feel great satisfaction that you succeed and stick to your decision.