Satellite Images Reveal the Extent of Damage from Greece’s Fires

Tens of thousands of residents and tourists have been compelled to flee their homes and holiday destinations on Greek islands such as Rhodes and Corfu, as a relentless wave of fires continues to engulf the region.

The picturesque island of Rhodes now bears a daunting black scar that stretches across its heart, from north to the southern town of Kiotari. The fires have left devastation in their wake, displacing communities and threatening the island’s natural beauty.

In a separate incident, a wildfire in central Greece triggered a series of massive explosions at an air force ammunition depot. The facility, located in the coastal town of Nea Aghialos near the Volos area, was evacuated prior to the explosions, ensuring no casualties. However, the continuous blasts have hindered firefighting teams from approaching the site, leaving the situation perilous.

The ammunition storage facility, situated approximately four miles north of the major military air base in Nea Anchialos, reportedly held bombs and ammunition for Greek F-16 fighters. The explosions shattered windows in the vicinity, adding to the chaos and complexity of the firefighting efforts.

As the fires and explosions persist, authorities are grappling with the daunting task of extinguishing the flames and safeguarding affected communities. International assistance and solidarity are being mobilized to combat these infernos and help those impacted by the tragic events.