Russia accuses Ukraine of killing 14 in ‘deliberate’ strike on hospital

The Russian Government have accused Ukraine of deliberately attacking a hospital which has resulted in the deaths of 14 people and wounded a further 24.

The Russian Ministry of Defense blames Ukraine for the attack on a hospital. Russia blames Ukraine’s military for killing 14 people and injuring 24 when it struck a hospital in eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk region controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

This morning, “Ukrainian armed forces deliberately hit the building of the local hospital with HIMARS multiple rocket launchers in the city of Novoidar, Lugansk Region,” the Russian military said in a statement. The strike “killed 14 patients and medical staff and injured 24 others,” it added.

Ukraine and its Western allies have accused Russian forces of frequent war crimes in the conflict in which thousands of civilians have been killed and cities and towns reduced to rubble by artillery and air raids. Russia denies targeting civilians.