Kevin McCarthy fails again in US House speaker bid despite gains

Several right-wing dissenters, who previously opposed the Republican leader, voted for him in the 13th ballot on Friday.

The Parliament is expected to hopefully proceed to… the 13th vote to elect McCarthy

Some “rebel” Republicans insist against… McCarthyism. Not even in the 12th vote did he manage to be elected president of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, although 14 “hardline” Republicans, who had voted against him in the previous days, were this time persuaded to support him.

The 213 votes received by the moderate politician were not enough to end the worst institutional crisis in the US for over a century and a half, since it is needed at least 218. Two other Republican candidates received 3 and 4 votes while Democrat Hakeem Jeffries collected 211.

McCarthy himself had predicted before the process began that “some progress” would be made, although other Republican lawmakers were less sanguine. “We still have a way to go”said Ralph Norman, who has opposed McCarthy’s candidacy.

McCarthy could become president with fewer than 218 votes if he convinced some of those who do not support him to vote “absentee” or not at all.

The Parliament is expected to hopefully proceed to the… 13th vote to elect McCarthy.