Influencer reveals the truth behind the perfect photos

An influencer is applauded for revealing the big difference posing and editing can make as she puts her natural body on display. Danae Mercer Ricci has 2.3 million followers on Instagram. However, unlike many influencers, she didn’t do it with misleading images, instead revealing the reality behind those perfectly staged snaps.

Ricci continued to share her journey online as her body changed during pregnancy and becoming a mother. She recently posted a series of photos that show the difference between being set, edited and relaxed.

The photo series shows three slightly different versions of Ricci. In one photo she is perfectly toned and her leggings are pulled up revealing only her upper abs and making the rest of her body look slim and fit.

In another, she’s taken the photo above and edited it to give her a slightly slimmer waist, brighter highlights, more makeup and better lighting. Finally, she shows a casual photo of her, in which she’s just kneeling down and smiling naturally, and it looks different from the other two photos. In another photo collage in the post, Ricci shows herself in the same light blue clothes.

She poses the same way in each of the four photos, but three of them have been edited to make her look slightly thinner, blonder and more “groomed”.

“When I was dealing with my eating disorder, my therapist recommended something that I still do today. Every time I put lotion on, I have to say kind things to my body. At the time it felt silly. I still feel like it’s a little silly. But it helps. Because the words we say to ourselves form paths – like little roads in our minds. And over time, those paths become stronger, more specific, easier to follow,” she captioned the photo.