Here are the 5 best places in Europe to travel in 2023

Europe is the perfect place for travellers of any kind. If you are looking for a backpacker trip or a luxurious relaxed trip, Europe has something for everything. From stunning beaches in Greece, ancient Roman history to irresistible shopping in France, Europe is a paradise for tourists. With all the countries in Europe being very well connected with each other, travel within the continent is a piece of cake. Here are the best places to visit in Europe!

Paros, Greece

Why visit? A Greek Island that has been famous among Greeks for decades, Paros’ landscape fascinates with its undulating hills dotted with private chapels, as well as fertile valleys, golden coasts and picturesque whitewashed villages. “Paros is beginning to offer a balance of the authentic Greek traditional feel and luxury,” notes travel advisor Konstantinos Bastas.

Who should go? Those looking for an alternative to the popular and more crowded Greek islands like Mykonos and Santorini.

Don’t miss: The fishing town of Naoussa, located on the northern coast of the island, has a welcome mix of traditional Greek with the contemporary through its offering of boutique luxury hotels and great food scene.

Paros Greece

Menorca, Spain

Why visit? Menorca is often referred to as Majorca’s little brother. Menorca attracts far fewer visitors and is much quieter, yet offers 216 kilometers of coastline is home to over 75 unspoiled beaches. “Visitors will find the island is filled with hidden swimming coves, called calas, many of which can only be reached by boat,” notes travel advisor Barbara Hammer.

Who should go? The island’s easygoing and uncrowded beaches make it ideal for families. There’s plenty to do, including water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and even exploring the island’s shipwrecks.

Don’t miss: Port Mahon, the second-largest natural harbor in the world. Additionally, with extraordinary gastronomy and local wines, consider a wine tasting tour at the Binifadet Winery.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Why visit? Lausanne is a medieval city on the shores of Lake Geneva that was once occupied by the Romans. ”It has a charming and historic old town, as well as magical views of the Alps and endless natural beauty,” says travel advisor James Katz.

Who should go? Anyone who enjoys history, as well as outdoor enthusiasts who like hiking.

Don’t miss: Climb Sauvabelin tower for incredible views of the city, lake and Alps.

Lausanne Switzerland

Lecce, Italy

Why visit? Often in the shadow of Italy’s tourist destinations, the southern city Lecce, in the Puglia region, is for anyone who has already done the classics. “Travelers who are seeking the authentic Italian lifestyle experience will appreciate the evening passeggiata, when locals take a walk around town before they have dinner as the sun sets over the cobblestone lanes,” notes travel advisor John Yuceler.

Who should go? Foodies, well-traveled individuals, couples, and families.

Don’t miss: After you overdo it on pasta and pizza, try the traditional Lecce Puglia cuisine, La Cucina Povera. If you want to take it a step further, take a cooking class to learn more about the local food and enjoy an authentic meal.

Lecce Italy

Provence, France

Why visit? Provence has a way of easing your heart rate. “Beautiful scenes of bucolic valleys, delicious food, and timeless pursuits offer a unique respite from our now fast-paced world,” says travel advisor Christopher Bellot. “Sun-filled days exploring idyllic farms, centuries old wineries and picturesque villages often end in candlelit dinners as the sun sets late.”

Who should go? Families, foodies, and those seeking an inspired sojourn.

Don’t miss: The exquisite Le Mas des Poiriers, an 18th-century farmhouse located on an island in the Rhône River near the medieval city of Avignon.