Former Lawyer Loses 40lbs and Becomes Bodybuilder at 60

A lawyer from Hawaii is now unrecognizable, as she decided to take up bodybuilding at the age of 60! Ilene Block, who is now 63 years old, has long struggled with diets and weight control.

Ilene said: “Joan started her fitness journey at 60, so I had no excuse with my 61st birthday getting closer. So in February 2020, I signed up for a macro-based program and decided it doesn’t matter how long it was going to take as long as it worked. Within a year I lost 40lbs and felt great.

She trains six times per week, with an emphasis on weight lifting, and even boasts that before she stepped onstage for one of her shows, she was back down to 120 pounds, which is what she weighed at her wedding in her early 20s.

“Within a year I lost a lot of weight and felt great,” Block told Caters. “I always wanted to do bodybuilding, but due to my career as a lawyer and raising my children, I could never commit to it when I was 30.”

Besides living her bodybuilding dream, Block also feels extremely confident and satisfied with her body. Via her journey, the bodybuilder also aims to break people’s opinions about old age and women. “I want to prove that stereotypes aren’t true and that women can do whatever they want at whatever age,” said Block.