Florida babysitter Ariane Davis is causing all sorts of chaos on TikTok

A 19-year-old professional babysitter and OnlyFans model, Ariane Davis, went viral on TikTok by revealing that she also likes to take care of dads when their kids go to bed. This particular babysitter is on dad duty, reports the NewYork Post.

The University of South Florida student is causing absolute chaos on TikTok this week after revealing that she enjoys “taking care” of the single dads after her babysitting duties are done for the day.

“Reasons why I love to be a babysitter: Getting paid for playing with the kids,” the 19-year-old Davis explained on her viral TikTok before adding, “Once the kids fall asleep [I] can take care of the single dads.”

Further promoting herself as smoking-hot hired help, Davis dances and caresses her frame while bragging in a separate clip, “The single dad of the kid I’m babysitting tells me I look especially good today & [asks] if I want to stay for dinner.”

Shockingly, a flock of aroused dads flooded her comments with flirty job offers.

Mothers, however, weren’t as impressed with Davis’ skills.  “Reasons why I have cameras in my house,” snapped an unamused mama.