Flight turned into a ring – passengers fought and flight attendants tried to separate them

Hot-blooded passengers caught holding hands during flight told to separate by Thai Airways flight attendants

Hot-blooded passengers caught in the middle of the flight were asked to separate by Thai Airways flight attendants on a flight from Bagong to Kolkata.

In a video that has gone viral, passengers can be seen slapping a man multiple times. The fight started for an unknown reason. Initially two men fight verbally. One of the men can be heard saying “sit down” while the other says “put your hand down”. Within seconds, the verbal altercation turned physical and one began aggressively slapping the other.

The man (the one who beats) first takes off his glasses and hits the other passenger, while his friends “help” him. The other passenger is seen defending himself while the other passengers on the plane shout at the first man to stop hitting the unfortunate passenger.

From the beginning of the fight, a flight attendant tries to calm the irritable passenger and prevent the worst. As soon as the wood starts, she walks away and then returns with one of her colleagues to separate the passengers.