Farmers in Africa put the beehives in this way in their fields but not to get the honey…

The interaction between bees, bee fence, elephants, and farmers in Africa is only one example of how a natural solution can save lives and bring prosperity to those who use it.

Farmers in Africa have a big problem. Roaming elephants destroy their crops. One solution would be to dig a ditch and put up fences but it is not at all practical as it will cost a lot. Unfortunately, without any precautions, farmers who try to protect their crops end up injuring either themselves or the elephants. Now, thanks to zoologist Lucy King, the problem will come to an end. King observed that elephants are afraid of bees because when they enter their proboscis, they cause unimaginable pain and there is nothing they can do to get rid of it.

Elephants instinctively avoid bees and just the sound makes them run away. So he wondered if beehives placed at intervals could be a natural fence against elephants. After a successful experiment in 2009 called the Elephant and Bee Program, it began to be implemented officially. Today there are active beehive fences in Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Sri Lanka. Besides the fences being very effective, the bees fertilize their crops and the farmers harvest the honey as well. An amazing example of how something simple and small solves a big problem.