Customer shoots and kills armed robber at Houston restaurant

Houston police are searching for the middle-aged man who pulled out a gun while dining at a Mexican restaurant and shot and killed a robber who entered the store at gunpoint and took money from the customers.

About 10 customers were in the restaurant eating when the masked robber walked in and pointed a gun at them while taking their wallets and cellphones, the local police chief said.Pedro Lopez, the owner of the restaurant, said he and his employees are still in shock.

In the video obtained by the media, the moment several customers can be seen falling to the floor, shortly after the shouts of the robber, who threatened them with something that looked like a weapon. As the robber was leaving, one of the customers stood up and shot him four times, police said. When the robber fell to the ground injured, the customer approached him and shot him four or five more times to finish him off. Then, after returning the stolen money to the remaining customers, he got into a van and left.

Investigators have not identified the suspect or the person they say killed him.Customers left the restaurant after the incident, leaving the owner and employees in the store.Houston police said the man is not facing charges at this time, but is wanted for questioning.